Backup and Recovery Services
We provide Backup and Recovery Services both Locally and on remote servers. Its always wise to have a backup, easing Disaster Recovery especially in the event of a calamity. Network Area Storage is usually used to manage backups of useful data.
Disaster Management Remote Backups
Calamity Avoidance Network Area Storage
Post Disaster Procedurals Raid Servers
Risk Management Data Mirroring
Risk Analysis Redundant Backups
Random Backups Online & Off line Backups
Consultancy Software Networking Web Back up Energy
Procurement Advisory Quality Assurance Setup & Maintenance Domain Registration Network Area Storage Solar Powered solutions
User Training Technical Writing Troubleshooting Unlimited Web Hosting Online Backups Wind Turbines
IT Recruitment Inventory Systems Performance Monitoring Database Integration Remote Location Hybrid Energy Systems
Implementing Policies Outsourcing Vulnerability Assessment E-Commerce Solutions Asset Identification Store & Use
Support Open Source Solutions OS Integration Website Development Disaster  Management Efficient  Implementations

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